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Adal Márquez

Head Bartender / Mixologist

He describes himself as an imaginative, cheerful and very friendly bartender, with an incredible capacity for empathy. Second finalist at the Beefeater Global Bartender Competition and finalist at World Class 2015. He currently works as Head Bartender at the legendary Boadas cocktail bar in Barcelona.


Valencia-born (due to a geographical mishap) in 1981, when the coup d’état took place, I came here to take on the world… I was actually from Tenerife and a lover of the Canary Islands, I studied hospitality, and I was lucky enough to travel and work around the world, watching and learning (as Cervantes said), living and dreaming. I write poetry, and I would say that I am a poet, firstly, and bartender, also firstly, just behind being poet (because I could not say second). I dedicate my whole life to my bar and my creations, it is my way of expressing myself, it is more a necessity than a profession… I need to ‘create’, ‘interact’, in fact, it’s the only time when I come into contact with other human beings…  (ha ha ha).

For more than seven years now, I have had the good fortune and the immense honour of working at Boadas Cocktails, ‘The Cocktail Cathedral’ which has been around for no less than 88 years. I have learned a lot in the best part of 20 years working at bars, but without a doubt my greatest achievement is being part of the history of this immense and wonderful bar that is Boadas, for worldwide cocktail bar history. 

"I need to create, to interact, in fact, it's the only time I can deal with other human beings...".

Current projects

‘Timeless Negroni’: We have created three Timeless Negronis, different, aged for three months in white oak barrels. One, a real classic, in equal parts; a more bitter one, Boadas style, playing around with amaros and vermouths; and a seasonal one that changes and that we usually use in combination with some Teichenné liquor. At the moment we are using the spring liqueur (Teichenné elderflower liquor), while the summer liqueur is ageing. 

Soon we will be unveiling a collection with 10 Dry Martinis with delicate touches. Ten Timeless Martinis, diluted with Icelandic Water, with a Sipsmith gin base. 

Our intention is to reproduce the 10 Martinis that have gone down the best over the last seven years. With light touches of chilli, rosemary, calvados, pepper, oregano, chamomile, or something as crazy as peanuts, we will soon be able to enjoy them. 

We are also preparing the presentation of a menu featuring 15 ‘Daiquiris’ with recipes by the best bartenders in the world, who have been so kind as to lend their art to the glory of Boadas.  These will include recipes by: Jared Brown, Simone Caporale, Erik Lorincz, Alex Kratena, Antonio Naranjo, Julio Cabrera, Marcio Silva, Salvatore Calabrese, Luca Cinalli, Nando Córdova, Ago Perrone, Marc Álvarez, Jerónimo Vaquero, myself, and most importantly, a never previously seen recipe by Maria Dolores Boadas.

And we have some others too, such as a whisky that we are preparing, or a project to open on Sundays  and another one with live Cuban music and violins, but we’ll tell you all about that later or I won’t have anything else to tell you, ha, ha! 

Teichenné Family

I am lucky to be part of the family, and to be able to enjoy all Teichenné products for my creations, especially lately, as the pandemic has given us more time to think, play, test and grow.

Future vision

Well, I really don’t know, after this ‘apocalypse’, but I think people need to get together again, just for a nice drink and a chat. As for the industry, I am reckoning on an increase in demand for classics. I know that everyone is into Low-ABV cocktails, low alcoholic drinks, however, I believe, at least in the prism I live in, that this is only on paper, like so many ‘supposed future fashions’. The demand for exquisitely served classic drinks will rise. 


Blimey! I’ve no idea, I love Teichenné’s ginger or elderflower liquor. I’ve rediscovered the green apple liquor (which is in the Spring Negroni, too…) and the Butterscotch liquor, which was in the Winter one. I like them all!

Social Media

Instagram: boadascocktails

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Instagram:  @adalmarquezbartender

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Boadas Cocktail Bar

The oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona

Timeless International Bar Awards

Tales of the Cocktail, 2020

No.95 in the Top 500 Bars of the World One of the 10 Most Iconic Bars in the World

Le Cocktail Connoisseur, 2020

One of the Top 20 Bars in Spain and Portugal

NeoDrinks, 2020

The World's 50 Best Discovery

50 Best, 2019

One of the Best 106 Bars in the World

Drinks International, 2018

One of the Top 10 Cocktail Teams in the World

Tales of the Cocktail, 2017

One of the Best 20 Bars in the Iberian Peninsula

Imbibe, 2016

Birthplace of the throwing technique and heirs of Constante Ribalaigua's daiquiri

The recipes of Adal Márquez

Flower of Salutation

Boadas Sunset

by Adal Márquez