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Angela Albuixech

Barmaid / Businesswoman

She’s a Valencian bartender who lives in La Rioja and a restless, curious entrepreneur that is eager to learn.


I’ve worked for several years in such an exciting occupation like this one, but I still feel like an apprentice.

I worked at Fundición 8 (Logroño) and Vemutiki (Logroño). Now, I am on my way to learn other ways of working and gain new experiences in my beautiful journey through this occupation.

I participate in collaborations, tastings, masterclasses, events… but, above all, I gain new experiences and knowledge that I like to reflect in my drinks and convey to my customers.

Angela Albuixech

"My future is not very predictable, I will go where learning takes me. And I hope it will always be hand in hand with Teichenné".

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m still getting the bug for cocktail competitions. It’s a way to learn and exchange views with other professionals. Of course, always accompanied by Teichenné products.

I got to know Teichenné thanks to the distributor in Logroño, and that was the starting point of our adventure.

If you ask me what Teichenné means to me, I’ll say quality, variety, opportunity and a great family.

From the very beginning, I was committed to these products due to their wide range and high quality.

I can’t live without my Kinros Citric, Level Gin Reserve, the whole range of Tabú rums and Gin L’Arbre. I am more drawn towards ginger, grapefruit, coconut and melon liquors.

In my opinion, the future of the industry is constantly evolving. We are increasingly capable of awakening the customer’s interest in the cocktail world. We are achieving the goal of making them enjoy the experience willingly, knowing what they drink and why and learning about the products that are used…

Little by little, this is a way to grow and evolve.

I have many references within the industry. I could mention any of my colleagues at the Teichenné Family, but, here in the north, I have another clear reference as far as evolution is concerned: Patxi Troitiño.

My future is quite uncertain, I will go where learning takes me. I just hope to always go hand in hand with Teichenné.

It is an honour for me to enjoy this experience with you.

Angela Albuixech's recipes

Tabú Rum

Tropical Banana

by Angela Albuixech

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