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Boadas Sunset liquor

by Adal Márquez


F80 Licor Flor Saúco_Front View

Flower of Salutation



Adal Márquez

Boadas Sunset liquor by Teichnné


Our collaborator Adal Márquez prepares the Boadas Sunset liqueur cocktail. This cocktail combines fresh flavours with acidic touches, blending perfectly with our most awarded liqueurs.

Ginger liqueur and Elderflower liqueur. We finish the cocktail with smoked apple to enhance the fruity aroma of this spectacular cocktail prepared in the cathedral of cocktails, the Boadas Cocktail bar, the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona.


1cl grapefruit juice
2cl lime juice
1.5cl lemon juice
3 basil leaves
2 barspoons of raspberry and red pepper jam
4cl pomegranate, dragon fruit (pitaya) and watermelon juice
1cl ginger puree
3,5cl Ginger liqueur
1,5cl licor Flor de Saúco


In a “Boston” cocktail shaker we add all the ingredients in the order they appear, shake vigorously, pour to oxygenate and double strain.


Smoke with applewood smoke.

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