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Ron Tabú, Teichenné's most exclusive
rum collection.


Tabú Rum is a historic Teichenné range. It is made from juice from sugar canes grown in San Pedro de Macorís in the Dominican Republic. Aged under the guide of expert rum connoisseurs who perfectly combine tradition and mordernity.

These products reflect the authentic nature of genuine rum produced in the Dominican Republic. Aged a few hours from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean under a tropical climate.

The real thing Dominican flavour.

The collection

Ron Tabú Añejo

Ron Tabú Añejo is made from the juices of sugar cane produced in the Dominican Republic.

Aged under the guidance of expert rum masters, it perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

Tasting notes
Appearance: Amber colour with a coppery rim. Bright and clear.

Aroma: Smooth and elegant aroma that perfectly integrates the freshness of the distilled cane and the vanilla provided by the aging in American oak barrels. Balanced and not too complex.

Taste & texture: In the mouth, it has notes of wood, vanilla, caramel, and subtle hints of chocolate.

Ron Tabú Blanco

Tabú White Caribbean Rum made from the finest distillates of Dominican sugar cane.

Elegant & evocative. Ideal for mixing with cocktails

Tasting notes
Appareance: Transparent, totally brilliant and limpid colour.

Aroma: Fine and delicate aroma with hints of the aromas of freshly distilled cane.

Taste & texture: Sharp taste and dry texture on the palate. Subtle notes of nuts and marzipan.

Ron Tabú Viejo

Ron Tabú Viejo represents the typicity and authenticity of the genuine rum produced in the Dominican Republic.

Aged on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in a tropical climate, it has a softness and smoothness on the palate that defines it.

Tasting notes
Appearance: Dark amber colour with coppery tones. Bright and clear.

Aroma: Fine, delicate and complex aroma. The aromatic hints of freshly distilled cane are highlighted. It is perfectly integrated with subtle woody and spicy notes such as vanilla, cinnamon and dried fruits. All of them were acquired during the aging process. Intense aroma

Taste & texture: Intense flavour and character. Well structured. Silky and velvety on the palate. The subtle notes of vanilla and nuts are perfectly integrated with the woody notes.

Ron Tabú Miel

The combination of rum, a traditional spirit made from the fermentation and distillation of raw sugar cane, flavoured and sweetened with honey, has provided us since ancient times with a drink that stands out for its fiery clarity and aromatic neatness and its warm, invigorating and digestive flavour.

Tasting notes
Aspect: Fiery tone of rum, blended with the warmth and mellowness of honey.

Aroma: Its aroma is a very pleasant fruity-floral blend that combines very well with its appearance.

Taste & texture: Digestive drink that is very easy to drink, with an aftertaste of honey that invites you to enjoy it again. It can be enjoyed neat, or in a wide glass with ice.