Premium Gin

Level Gin Reserve

70cl. 44%Vol

The result of tradition, history and the relentless pursuit of excellence is our Level brand.

To elaborate Level Gin Reserve, we macerate our selection of botanists and perform three distillations. Once we get the cleanest and purest part of the last distillation we let the gin rest at least 8 months in our American oak barrels which have previously aged brandy for decades.

Appearance: Golden in colour with amber iridescense. Bright.

Aroma: Intense, elegant aroma dominated by notes of juniper and cardamom. They are perfectly structured with subtle floral notes that go perfectly with the mild toasted, roasted, spicy notes from the ageing process in oak casks.

Taste and texture: Intense flavour. Dry on the palate, it is a premium gin that is ideal for drinking on its own or with tonic.


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