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Toffee Cream


G262 Karlova Vodka 100_Front View

Vodka Karlova

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Butterscotch Liqueur

Toffee Cream by Teichenné


Our collaborators Jigger Bartenders prepare us the cocktail Toffe cream. A creation, with Vodka Karlova, and our best-selling schnapp in UK, Butterscotch Liqueur

A cocktail where the double cream, has a percentage of fat higher than the cream to mount and the cream to cook, mix all the ingredients providing creaminess and balance. Rounded with a touch of maple syrup and vanilla pod.


5cl Vodka Karlova
3cl Ultra Premium Liqueur Butterscotch
2cl doble cream
2cl maple syrup


Shake all ingredients, strain and serve it in a cocktail glass.


Vanilla pod star with mini flower.

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