Teichenné Awards

Ultra Premium Liqueurs Teichenné

Teichenné Green Apple Liqueur

Gold Medal CWSA Best Value 2018

Teichenné Peach Liqueur

Double Gold Medal CWSA 2018

Bronze Medal IWSC 2018
Category “Spirits Artwork & Bottle design”

Gold Medal New Zealand – NZSpirits 2019

Gin L’Arbre Mediterranean Gin

Gin Of the Year 2021 – category “London Dry Gin”

Gold Medal USA Spirits Ratings 2021

Gold Medal Concours I. de Lyon 2019: Best London Dry Gin

Gold Medal 2018 in Spirits Selection by concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Gold Medal CWSA 2018

Silver Medal London Spirits Competition 2019

Silver Medal IWSC 2018: category “London Dry Gin”

Silver Medal IWSC 2018: category “Best gin&tonic”

Silver Medal IWSC 2018: category “Spirits Artwork & Bottle design”

Level Gin Triple Distilled

Gin of the Year 2019 at New York INTL. Spirits

Gold Medal 1001degustations France:
Category “Best Gin 2014”

Double Gold Medal New York INTL. Spirits 2019

Silver Medal IWSC 2015: category “Flavoured Gin”

Silver Medal MISC 2016: category “Flavoured Gin”

Bronze Medal IWSC 2015: category “Best Gin&Tonic”

Kinross Gin Triple Distilled

Kinross Gin Tropic

Double Gold Medal CWSA Best Value 2018

Bronze Medal MISC 2016:
Category “Flavoured Gin”

Kinross Gin Citric

Silver Medal BISC 2019:
Category “Flavoured Gin”

Heretic Herbs Liqueur

Gold Medal IWSC 2021:

“95 points”

Gold Medal Frankfurt International Trophy 2022

Gold Medal Concours International 2023:

Best Herbs Liqueur in the world.

Kilda Mango

Gran Gold Frankfurt Int. Trophy 2024:

“93/100 points”