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Gin L'Arbre is a London Dry Gin,
made from
Mediterranean botanicals.


Gin L’Arbre, is the result of 63 years of history of Teichenné Liquors, a company founded in Arboç, where Marc Teichenné, current CEO and co-owner of the company, wanted to pay tribute to the family and his own liquor tradition.

Marc selected the main botanicals from the Mediterranean Penedès area, and combined them to find the perfect formula to achieve a unique gin to enjoy unique moments.

An exceptional liquid, balanced, aromatic, crystalline and fresh, which we can enjoy not only at the organoleptic level, but also wanted to take care of all the details of the bottle that would contain it, creating a minimalist design that, in addition to transmitting simplicity, time, joy, and a lot of brightness, also conveys a very important emotional part by using the tree shape. This captures the past, the foundations, the roots. The branches represent what is to come, the future, the branches. And finally, all the experience lived and passed on over three generations is contained in the trunk.

Tradition and quality
together in the same bottle.

botella gin l'arbre

The bottle

The bottle has 4 very important aspects to highlight:

The typography used is natural, a bit rustic, looking for the rudeness that gives us the tree drawing.

The tree drawing, drawn in black using a ballpoint pen, without leaves and with roots shown, evokes rawness, dryness, nature, and undoubtedly visual impact. The roots indicate its high content of aromatic plants from fertile but dry lands of the Mediterranean pre-coastal zone. The bottle’s finish has a shine that reflects light.

The bottle cap color is an elegant gold and it has printed the tree on the front. Once the upper part is taken out, the black cap is exposed, giving the balance of tones to the overall appearance.

The bottle has a design that shines with any light, perfect for any bar that wants to play with different illuminations and lights, providing elegance and modernity.

Tasting note

Appearance: Colorless, bright and transparent liquid.

Aroma: Fine and delicate aroma. To the nose smelling delicate fragrances evoking Mediterranean aromatic plants such as thyme, rosemary, basil, among others stand out. These fragrances are perfectly integrated with subtle citrus notes and distilled juniper.

Taste: Elegant and subtle flavor. Smooth and silky. Gin L’Arbre combines perfectly with citrus fruits.

Main botanicals that make up Mediterranean Premium Gin:

  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Angelica root
  • Cardamom
  • Thyme
  • Basil
nota de cata ginebra l'arbre

Perfect Serve

5 cl. of Gin L’Arbre
20 cl. of Tonic
Decorated with lemon or orange peel
and a sprig of rosemary or lavender.

perfect serve gin l'arbre


Gin L'Arbre Awards

Gin of the year 2021

Category "London Dry Gin"

Gold medal

USA Rating Spirits 2021

Gold medal

Concours International de Lyon 2019 "Best London Dry Gin"

Gold medal

Spirits Selection by concours mondial de Bruxelles (tasting)

Gold medal

China Wine & Spirits Awards (tasting)

Silver medal

London Spirits Competition 2019

Silver medal

International Wine & Spirit Competition (tasting)

Silver medal

International Wine & Spirit Competition (gin&tonic)

Silver medal

Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design (IWSC)

Premium Quality

Guía Peñín 2019