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Magua Añejo Selection Rum

100cl. 37,5% Vol

Ron Añejo Selection is made from fermenting a fine sugar cane molasses, which is distilled, matured and aged for 1 year in American oak casks.
It conveys the nobility of carefully selected sugar cane liqueurs, matured and aged within the mystery and serenity of the oldest distillery.
A special rum for mixing with all kinds of fruity soft drinks as well as with the classic mixer coca-cola. This rum is easy to drink on its own or in a tumbler with ice.

Appearance: Dark amber colour, with copper reflections. Clean and transparent.

Aroma: Smooth and elegant, it combines perfectly with fresh sugar cane aromatic traces and with subtle hints of vanilla acquired during the ageing process in an American oak barrel. Well balanced and not very complex.

Flavour and texture: Subtle hints of Wood, vanilla, caramel and chocolate in the mouth.