Tequila 888 Blanco


White Tequila is made using traditional methods and the raw material is the hearts or piñas (harvested when they are about 5 to 8 years old) of the Blue Agave (a plant that is native to Central America, also called mezcal, maguey or pita), which are harvested by hand and cooked in stone ovens. They are heated slowly for 2 days in stone ovens before being processed with special yeasts and distilled in small copper stills.
Our White tequila is a classic example of tequilas from the Mexican State of Jalisco.

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Aspect: White tequila, clean and transparent.

Aroma:Typical aroma of tequilas, sage, citrus and pineapples. Persistent in nose, prevail the floral and fruity aromas.

Flavour and texture: Dense in mouth bouquet that reminds us of the distilled agave. The end in mouth is dry with sweet citrus and black pepper hints.


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