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by Manu Llorens


Ron Magua Blanco Caribeño 1L

Ron Magua Blanco



Manu Llorens

Daiquiri Ron Magua Blanco


The Daiquiri is the quintessential Cuban cocktail for any bartender on the island.

A classic, ranked in the Top 10 most consumed cocktails in the world.

Where is it’s story from and it’s birthplace ? In the Floridita, where many great names have had the pleasure of having an excellent drink, such as Ernest Hemingway, who has his own version and there is even a statue in memory of the Nobel laureate.
Classic cocktail, dry yet smooth, balanced, citrusy, ideal as an aperitif, but also digestif.

Giacomo Pagliuchi, then captain of the Liberator Army, named the cocktail Daiquiri.


6cl Ron Magua Blanco
Juice from half a lime
2cl elderflower syrup


Shake all ingredients, serve in a Martini glass and garnish with a twist of lime cut in a zigzag pattern.

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