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Manu Llorens

Bartender / Businessman

Bartender and owner of Druida bar & drinks in Onda since we opened it in 2007. 23 years of work experience in the industry, 18 of which as an owner.


At the age of 21, a partner and I embarked on the adventure of running a hospitality business. My family has worked in this industry for many years, and my childhood and teenage years feature many memories of life in the bar.

I am fortunate to have been self-taught through continuous training, and now I also train establishments and give a Masterclass with Toni Cortés for Teichenné.

With the brands:

Member of the #TeichennéFamily
Collaboration with other brands.

Runner-up from the Valencian Community and Murcia (ABCV), Alboraia 2018
3rd place in El Gran Bartender, Dénia 2019
4th place from the Valencian Community and Murcia (ABCV), Alboraia 2019

Awards for Druida bar & drinks:
1st Onda LoveTonic Route (Gin and tonic), 2013
1º Onda LoveTonic Route (Gin and tonic), 2015
1st Onda Cocktail Route, 2017
1st Onda Cocktail Route, 2018

Best establishment in Onda, 2019 (#RestaurantGuru)
Best establishment of Onda 2020 (#RestaurantGuru)

Passionate about my job and proud of my industry.
The leisure industry – the happiness industry!

Manu Llorens Porcar

"Many will fall, those who stay open have a bright future ahead of them. That is our goal. Resist."

Druida bar & drinks

Current projects

We are currently embarking on the adventure of cocktail ‘take away’ and ‘delivery’.

Moreover, together with our colleagues from Canalla (CS) we have launched a pioneering initiative, #BarmanADomicili.

Vision of the industry

The situation is currently extremely complicated, and the only option left is to resist and reinvent ourselves. Many will fail, and those who remain open have a bright future ahead of them. That is our goal. Resist.

What do Teichenné and the TeichennéFamily group mean for you?

I have been part of the #TeichennéFamily for five years and am proud to be part of a company with these family and historical characteristics, that is always looking for ways to obtain the best products to compete in a very complex market.

Favourite products

Gin L’Arbre, without a doubt.
We also love Kinross Premium Gin Tropic and the grapefruit, mango, lychee and ginger liquors.

Mezcal is another of our favourites.

Social media

Druida bar & drinks
C/d’Ausiàs March 45 baix. Onda (CS)


Manu LP
Druida bar and drinks

The recipes of Manu Llorens

Tequila Tres Ochos


by Manu Llorens

Kinross Gin

Pink Floyd

by Manu Llorens

Tabú Rum


by Manu Llorens